Present day Thailand is rife with corruption. Tul, a straight-laced cop, is blackmailed by a powerful politician and framed for a crime he did not commit. Disillusioned and vengeful, he is soon recruited to become a hitman for a shadowy group aimed at eliminating those who are above the law.
But one day, Tul is shot in the head during an assignment. He wakes up after a three-month coma to find that he sees everything upside-down, literally. Unaware of whether the condition is medical or a result of karmic retribution, Tul begins to have second thoughts about his profession. However, when he tries to quit, roles are reversed, and the hunter becomes the hunted. Then he meets a girl who turns his world even more upside down. Can Tul find redemption from the violence that continues to haunt him?
Headshot, the latest film from Thai genre auteur Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Last Life in the Universe), is an intense, stylish noir thriller – part Blast of Silence, part The Killer. Twisting the assassin genre in unexpected directions, Ratanaruang brilliantly crafts a meticulous, metaphysical narrative around his existential hit man, one that marries the hard-driving conventions of the hired killer film with the introspective tenets of Buddhist philosophy.