“What’s your damage?” One of the greatest and darkest black comedies ever made, the “high school is hell” cult classic Heathers is a deliciously vicious, cruelly funny satire of teen culture that is definitely not for the easily offended.

“One of the greatest comedies ever made … lethally black, hilariously nasty and giddy fun for anyone who has ever dreamed of offing that meathead in a varsity jacket.”  – Entertainment Weekly

Welcome to the jungle of Westerburg High, where the eager-to-fit-in Veronica (‘80s goth dream girl Winona Ryder) is beginning to tire of her membership in the powerful yet cruel clique of “Heathers” – comprised of three popular girls, all named Heather – who rule the school with their mean girl tactics and well-placed hair scrunchies.  Looking to teach the nasty Heathers a lesson and bring an end to their social tyranny, Veronica enlists the help of the mysterious new dreamboat / rebel with a cause Jason Dean (Christian Slater), and their mutual dislike for the Heathers quickly escalates into a savage cycle of murder, suicide and Slushies.   Now that her teenage angst has a body count, are Veronica and JD headed for the prom … or hell?   Driven by a cleverly venomous script by Daniel Waters that’s literally bursting with quotable dialogue (including “I love my dead gay son!” and the eternal classic, “F**k me gently with a chainsaw!”) and a shockingly bad attitude that lays waste to all goody-goody teen movie clichés, Heathers is the hilarious, so very cult classic that paved the way for the success of the similar, albeit much less vicious, 2004 comedy Mean Girls. (Dir. by Michael Lehmann, 1988, USA, 103 mins., Rated R)