Heaven Can Wait (1943)

Heaven Can Wait (1943)


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In this charming comedic fantasy from director Ernst Lubitsch, deceased playboy Henry Van Cleve (Don Ameche) presents himself to the outer offices of Hades, where he asks a bemused Satan for permission to enter through the gates of hell. Though the devil doubts that Henry’s sins qualify him for eternal damnation, Henry proceeds to recount a lifetime of wooing and pursuing women, his long, happy marriage to Martha (Gene Tierney) notwithstanding. Lubitsch’s Heaven Can Wait, nominated for Academy Awards for Best Picture and Director, is an enduring classic that showcases the filmmaker’s trademark blend of wit, urbanity, and grace. Featuring a stellar supporting cast of character actors including Charles Coburn, Marjorie Maine and Laird Cregar. (Dir. by Ernst Lubitsch, 1943, USA, 112 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 52 MIN | NR

Released 1943
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