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Saddle up your dragons because it’s SWORD AND SORCERY Month at Mondo Mondays, featuring a B-movie barrage of beefy barbarians, plucky princesses and sinister sorcerers!

“The world needed a hero. It got a legend.” The incredible Lou Ferrigno straps on the loincloth of the most durable demigod in myth and motion pictures in this ridiculously entertaining, ‘80s-induced fever dream take on the legendary strongman from Cannon Films! In Hercules, with the strength of an army, our hero (TV’s Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, hilariously dubbed) battles the forces of darkness in one unbelievable exploit after another. From bloodthirsty bears and loathsome reptiles to giant robots and laser beams, he stands tall against all who oppose him in his battle against the nasty Minos (William Berger). But even the mighty Hercules may not be impervious to the bewitching charms of the vicious and seductive Adriana (played by B-movie legend Sybil Danning). A wildly strange, rainbow-hued concoction (with visual effects that look like they were designed by Lisa Frank after snorting ground-up unicorn horns), propelled by a crazed, what-the-hell attitude encompassing everything from mythological monsters to futuristic lightsaber battles to Hercules punching a grizzly bear into outer space, this B-movie classic from Italian director Luigi Cozzi (director of the cult favorite, Starcrash)  and Cannon Films stands tall in the pantheon of wacky muscleman movies. (Dir. by Luigi Cozzi, 1983, Italy, 98 mins., Rated PG)

1 HR 38 MIN | PG

Released 1983
Hercules Trailer Trailer
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