Humanoids from the Deep


“From the Ocean Depths They Strike … To Terrorize … To Mate … And To Kill!”

Something’s fishy in this extremely gory, gloriously offensive homage to 1950s monster movies (with a generous helping of Alien and Beach Blanket Bingo thrown in for good measure), in which a slimy legion of mutated salmon-men terrorize a small coastal town in their search for men to kill and women to offer them a little sexy-time companionship. These fishy freaks, with their giant craniums, sharp claws and clam chowder body odor, are biologically driven to party and mate with nubile young women (basically making them frat guys wrapped in seaweed) in order to restock their rapidly-dwindling gene pool. A few concerned citizens and bumbling scientists try and put a stop to the aquatic a**holes as the horror mounts to a shocking conclusion, a conclusion which takes place (as most good shocking conclusions do) at the annual Summer Salmon Festival! The perfect guilty pleasure for viewers with a strong stomach and a twisted sense of humor, Humanoids from the Deep, produced by the one-and-only Roger Corman, features a bevy of interesting actors (including Vic Morrow as a racist fisherman and Doug McClure as the lantern-jawed hero), slop-tacular special effects created by ’80s gore master Rick Bottin (John Carpenter’s The Thing) and a whole lot of waterproof cheese just waiting to be munched on. And best of all, this decidedly UN-PC schlock fest was directed by female filmmaker Barbara Peeters (Bury me an Angel, Summer School Teachers), thus proving that great gross-outs know no gender barriers. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water …