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I Blame Society


The Loft Cinema will be splitting the revenue with the film’s distributor 50/50. You can watch I Blame Society for 48 hours after your purchase. The film may be watched on your mobile device, computer, and other streaming devices. Click here for FAQs on streaming the film.

“A work of satirical genius … equal parts fascinating, darkly funny and chilling.” – Christine Burnham, Pop Horror

In this savagely funny satire, a struggling filmmaker senses her peers are losing faith in her ability to succeed, so she decides to prove herself by finishing her last abandoned film… and committing the perfect murder. In I Blame Society, director Gillian Horvat stars as a frustrated filmmaker determined to prove her talents to both herself and her peers. After parting ways with an indifferent manager who finds her latest script too controversial and her female protagonist too “unlikeable,” Gillian decides to pick up an old project: I, Murderer. That short documentary was inspired by a pair of friends who told Gillian that with her cunning, intelligence, and ability to rationalize anything she chooses to believe in, she’d make a pretty good murderer. So Gillian decides to finish her once abandoned film. But what starts out as a creative experiment quickly descends into a full-on psychopathic murder spree! Blending dark comedy and horror, while confronting gender issues head-on, the film asks – how far does one have to go to be taken seriously when trying to make it as an independent filmmaker? (Dir. by Gillian Wallace Horvat, 2020, USA, 84 mins., Not Rated)