I Origins


I Origins, the second feature film from award-winning writer/director Mike Cahill (Another Earth), tells the story of Ian Gray (Michael Pitt, Last Days), a PhD student studying molecular biology with a specialty in the evolution of the eye. One night, Ian leaves his lab to go to a party and has an intense, but fleeting, encounter with a mysterious masked model (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, The Well-Digger’s Daughter) who escapes into the night. With only a picture of her stunning eyes, he tracks her down, and they fall in love. Their fundamentally different beliefs about life only serve to intensify their connection, and they vow to spend forever together. Years later, Ian and his lab partner, Karen (Brit Marling, The East), make a stunning discovery with profound existential implications, leading him to risk his life’s work and his family to travel across the world to find the truth behind what he has found and what it may mean. Deftly combining contemporary technologies and metaphysics, the enthralling I Origins is a science fiction of the now, boldly speculating on the connective tissue between love and science, the possible unintended discoveries of big data and more, challenging us to examine who we are, how we know and why we love.