I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel


“Though it’s obviously brainy, the film has heart … you’re going to love James Franco and David Shields’ I Think You’re Totally Wrong.” – Charles Mudede, Stranger

Academy Award-nominee James Franco (127 Hours), New York Times-bestselling author David Shields (Reality Hunger), and failed artist Caleb Powell collaborate to create an unusually raw, risky, brave, provocative film, I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel. The buddy movie to end all buddy movies. My Dinner with André, with more urgency. The Trip, without the four-star meals. Sideways, minus the profound antipathy toward Merlot. On the first day of shooting, Shields and Powell throw out the script when a real-life, real-time argument erupts, with Powell threatening to storm off the set and shut down the movie over what can and can’t be used. Franco, the director, is unwillingly dragged into the scene to mediate the quarrel and, ultimately, help to save the film. Very loosely adapted from the widely acclaimed book of the same name (hailed as “outrageously entertaining” by The Boston Globe), I Think You’re Totally Wrong is a thrilling and hilarious debate about what matters more: life or art. Or beer. (Dir. by James Franco, 2015, USA, 88 mins., Not Rated)