Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream Man


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Get ready to chow down on FREAKY FOOD MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a mouth-watering menu of delicious B-movies smothered in extra cheese!

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for the Ice Cream Man!” A local ice cream vendor, played by a seriously whacked-out Clint Howard, serves up double scoops of terror to all the boys and girls in this goofy, gory, shoulda-been-a-franchise horror/comedy!  30 years after witnessing the shocking drive-by slaughter of his favorite ice cream man (who’s also a covert coke dealer) and growing up in a mental institution, Gregory (Howard) anoints himself the neighborhood’s new ice cream man, driving around in a truck, calling himself The Ice Cream Prince, and delivering frozen treats to all the good little kids.  Problem is, not all the kids are all that good, which forces Gregory to start acting a little … odd. Soon, an annoying gang of kids calling themselves “The Rocketeers” (sporting bad movie names like Small Paul, Racer and Tuna) are investigating The Ice Cream Prince’s strange activities and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Before you can say “banana split,” pieces of dead bodies are being used as the nastiest ice cream mix-in’s imaginable, and a now-completely unhinged Gregory is ready for a bloody sundae rampage made up of 51 flavors of pure terror!  Featuring a B-movie dream cast, including Jan-Michael Vincent (Damnation Alley) as a grizzled cop, David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London) and Sandahl Bergman (Conan the Barbarian) as bad parents, and Olivia Hussey (Black Christmas) as a goofy busybody, this campy, cheesy, deliciously weird horror/comedy is drop-kicked into high gear by a truly bizarre performance from Clint Howard that starts out way over-the-top and just keeps going. It’s pure Mondo Madness with nuts and a cherry on top! (Dir. Paul Norman, 1995, USA, 84 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 24 MIN | R

Released 1995
Ice Cream Man Trailer Trailer
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