I’m So Excited!


Pedro Almodóvar returns to his outrageous comic style in I’m So Excited!

When a passenger jet headed for Mexico – which you are free to take or leave as a metaphor for Spain today – develops dangerous mechanical problems, all hell breaks loose in business class. Here we meet an amazing assortment of Almodóvarian characters, including a psychic, a chic dominatrix, a crooked businessman and a soap star. Tending to their peculiar, increasingly frantic needs are a trio of high camp stewards who react to the crisis in ways only the mischievous director could dream up – like lacing their passengers drinks with mescaline. Fasten your seat belts as this bawdy, pointed farce takes us up, up and away. (Dir. by Pedro Almodóvar, 2013, Spain, in Spanish with subtitles, 90 mins., Rated R, Sony Pictures Classics) Digital