In Terror

In Terror


General Admission: $15

Passes Not Accepted

This man, known as Shel-B, prides himself on being on top and ten steps ahead of the game. As the story proceeds and the police have no luck with the usual methods, we meet a detective named Halby. His tactics and unusual nature make him quite the contender to take on Shel-B. But, he is not what he appears to be and a creeping darkness begins to reign over the police station. As the plot advances, we begin to question where the truth lies and who is truly coming out on top. A commentary on life, love, crime and punishment, power, perception and the struggle to understand our true place is all at hand. (Dir. by Ben Freese, 2023, USA, 90 mins., Not Rated, but for mature audiences only)

This is a rental of The Loft Cinema, presented by In Flight Productions, LLC in association with Mark Bishop Media and Differently Abled Entertainment and Film Actor Workshops.

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