With David Yetman in person!

In the Americas


In the Americas with David Yetman, the new HDTV series by multiple Emmy Award-winning producer and director Dan Duncan and internationally renowned writer, host, and producer David Yetman, takes a fresh look at the lands that make up much of the Western Hemisphere. Each country contains landscapes, peoples, and history that have not received the attention they deserve on the world stage. In the Americas with David Yetman undertakes a new approach to travel and adventure.

A Gala Evening Presentation, presented by The Southwest Center and the Center for Latin American Studies

Part 1 is “Mexico’s Sierra Pinacate.” Situated along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Pinacate Volcanic range houses a violent history of fire and brimstone. Visible from outer space are five massive craters, hundreds of cinder cones, and lava flows miles long, all set in a varied desert of epic dryness only a few miles away from a burgeoning ocean resort town. Peoples, ancient and modern have left their traces.

Part 2 is “Ecuador: Native Peoples Meet the Oilmen.” Revenues from Amazon oil mean prosperity to many Ecuadorians, but the benefits for native peoples of the Amazon are less clear. Chinese oil interests are scouting the ancestral lands of Huaorani people for petroleum. The results are varied and controversial as the Hauorani lands and pristine rain forest are invaded by oil explorers and their machines.