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Kick it with ASIAN ACTION MONTH at Mondo Mondays, and see where East meets West in a frenzy of mind-boggling B-movie lunacy!

“Created by science, powered by nuclear energy … the Man Beyond Bionics!” When the nefarious Princess Dragon Mom awakens from 10 million years of dormancy, invades Hong Kong and summons skeleton ghosts and rubbery, flailing monsters up from the center of the Earth to join her marauding army, Earth’s meager defense team joins together with mad scientists to create the flying bionic kung-fu superhero, Infra-Man! With multiple powers at his disposal (including laser eyes, mini-missiles stored below his ribs, and detachable Thunderball Fists), he sets out on a wild adventure to save the world and vanquish his enemies forever in this incredible, goofy, and completely mind-blowing action-packed marital arts monster mash from the Shaw Brothers Studio and the director of Kung Fu Zombie! (Dir. by Shan Hua, 1975, Hong Kong, dubbed in English, 90 mins., Rated PG)

1 HR 30 MIN | PG

Released 1975
Infra-Man Trailer Trailer
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