“Created by Science – Powered by Nuclear Energy… The Man Beyond Bionics!”

When the world is threatened by floppy rubber lizards, stumbling tin can creatures and a psychotic, whip-cracking viallainess named Princess Dragon Mom, who you gonna call? How about a hopping, skipping, kung-fu fighting nuclear powered robo-man created from the “bionic science” bargain basement? How about Infra-Man? In this completely unhinged and unbelievable 1975 sci-fi monster mash from the legendary Shaw Brothers, the beautiful but evil alien Princess Dragon Mom invades Hong Kong and summons an army of jaw-droppingly weird, fuzzy-costumed monsters up from the center of the Earth to do her wicked bidding. The Earth is in trouble, that’s for sure, but the planet’s meager defense team joins together to create a hero beyond all heroes … Infra-man! Powered by nuclear energy (NOTHING could possibly go wrong with that!) and decked out in a red and silver spandex onesie, this robo dude with a major tude uses all of the awe-inspiring powers at his disposal (including laser eyes, rocket feet and thunderball fists), to cream his enemy and keep the world safe for more psychedelic cinematic freak outs like Infra-Man (although nothing else has really come close to its special brand of WTF nuttiness). So fast-paced as to be borderline incoherent and filled with eye-searing colors, garish costumes and martial arts battles that tip over into pure surrealism, Infra-Man is like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on high-grade bath salts, and that’s a very, very good thing! (Dir. by Shan Hua, 1975, Hong Kong, badly dubbed into English, 90 mins., Rated PG) Digital