Presented by The University of Arizona College of Agriculture & Life Sciences



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Join us for a fascinating look into the secret world of your misunderstood, multi-legged neighbors with this screening of Insecta and a panel discussion about the art and science behind the film with Cody Sheehy, Justin Schmidt, Wendy Moore, and Cara Gibson.

Imagine insects have taken over Earth…this has already happened! Insecta reveals this unseen truth through the personal adventures of three entomophiles. Meet Justin Schmidt, the “King of Sting,” and his infamous “Pain Index” which has been featured in a best-selling book, inspired YouTube celebrities such as Coyote Peterson and garnered an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Outreach reaches a new level with Cara Gibson, who directs one of the largest insect festivals in the country, and science takes a romantic turn when Wendy Moore, a world renowned scientist, falls in love with a beetle that manufactures explosives in it’s body and sprays them on would-be attackers.