Island Claws


Break out the canned tuna and top it with cheese, because June is MARINE MONSTER BEACH PARTY month at Monday Mondays, featuring a fabulously fishy collection of aquatic creatures just dying to get you in the water!

A seaside Florida community gets a nasty case of the crabs, and all the killer crustacean chaos is going to get hotter than a tub of melted butter in this absurd B-movie monstrosity that’s just begging for a zesty lemon wedge. Brought to you by the creators of the charming 1960s’ TV series Flipper, Island Claws is a goofy, supposedly terrifying ‘70s eco-horror flick mixing Frogs with Jaws, starring an army of angry crabs who are mad as hell and just aren’t going to take it anymore!

“This giant killer crab flick is really more entertaining than it has any right to be.” – DVD Drive-In

On the small island of Virginia Key, a leak at the nearby power plant has released 46,000 gallons of contaminated water into the bay, which has caused an early mass migration of pissed-off crabs onto land. These angry crustaceans aren’t just your run-of-the-mill docile clackers – these crabs are unusually aggressive, attacking people on the beach, assaulting bicyclists, and somehow even managing to blow up a trailer park and a banjo player! As a female photojournalist (Jo McDonnell, The Octagon) tries to uncover a conspiracy involving a top-secret formula designed to speed up the growth cycle of crabs (to help end world hunger, natch), the local townsfolk, led by a drunken bar owner named Moody (Robert Lansing, Empire of the Ants), must face the terrifying reality that in addition to hundreds of regular killer crabs, they’re also going to have to contend with one giant, man-eating, roaring crab that wants to put them all on its menu! A low-budget wonder that certainly gets an “A” for effort and a big fat “F” for execution (exemplified by the hilariously immobile, giant plastic crab that will scare absolutely no one), Island Claws proves that even in a bad movie, a horde of actual, slimy, skittering, claw-clacking crabs is enough to give you a serious case of the “willies.” See you at Red Lobster’s Crabfest! (Dir. by Hernan Cardenas, 1980, USA, 82 mins., Rated PG)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

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