It’s A Disaster


Writer/director Todd Berger’s (The Scenesters) hilarious and insightful “apocalyptic comedy” follows the misadventures of four hip Los Angeles couples who have come together for their regular Sunday brunch. What’s not so regular is that on this particular day, the group of friends, involved in their messy relationship issues, betrayals and personality meltdowns, hardly even notice that the apocalypse is knocking on the front door. By the time the self-absorbed friends realize that their relaxing weekend brunch has quite possibly turned deadly, and that the world may indeed be coming to an end, it’s anyone’s guess who will survive, or more importantly, who will end up with whom. Invoking Woody Allen’s cerebral comedies while presenting a freshly satirical perspective on the disaster film, It’s A Disaster showcases its expert comic ensemble – featuring David Cross, Julia Stiles and America Ferrera – who are clearly enjoying themselves sending up self-absorbed characters who are more bothered by their non-functioning cell phones than by the dead bodies accumulating on the front steps. (Dir. by Todd Berger, 2012, USA, 88 mins., Rated R, Oscilloscope Pictures) Digital