Jailbird Rock


“Prison took away her freedom … but not her dreams!”

What happens when a feisty high school girl with big dreams of dance stardom ends up shaking her tail feather behind bars in a women’s prison? Find out in Jailbird Rock, the hilariously horrible mash-up of Flashdance, Reform School Girls and The Shawshank Redemption which proves that when the going gets tough, the tough learn to use their leg warmers as weapons in the communal shower! Jessie Harris (played by Robin Antin, who, in addition to being a noted Hollywood choreographer and founder of The Pussycat Dolls, also starred in such crap-tastic ‘80s flicks as Lambada and My Chauffeur) is the hottest dancer (with the tightest acid washed jeans) in her high school. Although her dancing seems to consist of little more than hair-flipping and pelvis-thrusting, everyone knows Jessie is destined for a big-time dance career, that is until an unfortunate accident sends Jessie to prison and her dreams of stardom must take a backseat to fending off the unwholesome advances of her fellow inmates and learning how to apply her garish makeup while locked up in solitary confinement. But Jessie’s dreams won’t die that easily, and soon she’s ready to put on a musical prison revue featuring an all-female inmate cast just itching to sing, dance and tell dirty jokes. But some bad girls are plotting to use the musical revue as a smoke screen to cover up their escape plan, and Jessie’s big performance may end in an encore filled with bullets and billy clubs! Supremely campy (witness Jessie’s angry dance battle involving a volleyball net), relentlessly ridiculous (the jailbird musical revue is dubbed “The Prison for the Performing Arts”) and so very, very ‘80s (what prison would ever allow its inmates to sing songs cribbed from the Fame soundtrack while dressed in denim booty shorts and leg warmers?), Jailbird Rock is pure movie junk with a beat you can dance to! (Dir. by Phillip Schuman, 1988, Argentina/USA, 93 mins., Rated R) Digital