Jaws 3D


Just when you thought it was safe to put on a pair of 3D glasses, the great white with a taste for tourists is leaping off the screen and into your face in the 1983 Jaws sequel that added a third dimension of terror (and Dennis Quaid) to the fishy franchise! Following up on the events of 1978’s Jaws 2, this crazed third installment in the series takes a welcome detour away from the “big shark shows up at Amity Island again” storyline. This time, the son of Chief Brody from the original Jaws, all grown up and played by Dennis Quaid, is opening a fancy new Sea World-style theme park that he’s designed. Paid for by eccentric rich guy Lou Gossett Jr., it’s a high-tech, state-of-the-art underwater amusement park submerged in a man-made lagoon. With water ski acrobatic shows, water bumper boats and all sorts of splashy fun, naturally it’s a big hit with recreation-loving tourists. Everything’s going “swimmingly” until, wouldn’t you know it, a young up-and-comer shark named Jaws 3 shows up looking for snacks, and everyone’s in for a whole lot of trouble. Ditching the suspenseful vibe of Spielberg’s original film, Jaws 3D goes right for the jugular with gore, shocks and some of the craziest 3D effects in history, and the movie overflows with credit-flying, severed-limb-and-head-floating, dolphin-and-orca-jumping, water-splashing-in-the-camera, slow-motion-water-ski-jumping, harpoon-firing-at –the-audience, fake-dragons-and-snakes-popping-out, shark-exploding-and-spraying-goo-all-over-the-audience 3D. They may not award Oscars to films like this, but it’s sure a lot of fun, so don’t miss your chance to see Jaws 3D the way it was meant to be seen! (Dir. by Joe Alves, 1983, USA, 99 mins., Rated PG) Digital 3D