Johnny Legend presents “Christmas in Acidland”


Prepare yourself for a real Yuletide freak-out, because it’s time for Christmas in Acidland!

In Part One, we get a festively fantastic deluge of vintage Yuletide television insanity from the ‘50s and ‘60s, featuring the Reagans (Ronald, Nancy & an infant Patty) wishing us a Merry Christmas (and sneaking in a plug for General Electric), hilarious X-mas routines from Abbott & Costello (destroying an entire orchestra in a climax of Christmas carnage), Ernie Kovacs, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy (with Mortimer Snerd!) and Bob Hope, merry musical moments from Rosemary Clooney, Lawrence Welk (introducing us to the unforgettable “Outer Space Santa”), Ricky Nelson and Liberace, and bizarre shorts films like “The Santa Claus Story,” in which Saint Nick weaves an eerie tale about Monkey Mountain and the Monkey Christmas (demonstrated by real monkeys!), and “Santa in Animal Land,” where the most inept puppets this side of an Ed Wood film try to deliver an Animal Christmas to a baffled world!

In Part Two, things get even more festive as Howdy Doody jumps aboard his rocket ship with Buffalo Bob and Clarabell and heads for the North Pole, The Beverly Hillbillies get their groove on, The Chipmunks make merry, more than 50 famous stars sing “Silent Night,” Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye steal the show with “Saints Come Marching In,” David Bowie and Bing Crosby deliver their famously awkward X-mas duet, Joan Rivers and George Carlin deliver unexpected holiday spurts, and then there’s even more than your Christmas-cracked mind can possibly imagine! (Part One: 73 min. / Part Two: 66 min. / Total Running time: 150 min., which includes one intermission / Not Rated) Digital