Journey to Italy

Wednesday, November 11 at 7:00pm | Regular Admission Prices

Inspired by Colette’s novel Duo, legendary filmmaker Roberto Rossellini’s elegantly subtle melodrama stars the director’s then-wife, Ingrid Bergman, and George Sanders as an English couple who travel to Naples to sell a large property they’ve recently inherited.

“One of the most quietly revolutionary works in the history of cinema … Rossellini turns romantic melodrama into an intellectual adventure.” – Richard Brody, New Yorker

Within days of arriving, their relationship begins to disintegrate. The two decide to spend time apart, taking in beautiful Italian tourist spots as they decide whether they still have a future together. Beneath this deceptively simple narrative lies a complex investigation of love, commitment and personal growth. More than just the anatomy of a relationship, Rossellini’s masterpiece is a heartrending work of emotion and spirituality that is among the most influential films of the postwar era. Considered an ancestor of the existential works of Michelangelo Antonioni; hailed as a groundbreaking work of modernism by the critics of Cahiers du cinéma; and named by Martin Scorsese as one of his favorite films, Journey to Italy is a breathtaking cinematic landmark that was recently named one of the 50 greatest films ever made in a Sight and Sound critics’ poll. This new restoration of the essential English-language version of the film features Bergman and Sanders voicing their own dialogue. (Dir. by Robert Rosssellini, 1954, Italy, in English, 97 mins., Not Rated)