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Juliet of the Spirits

tuesday, august 17 AT 7:30PM | REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES

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Fellini the Fantasist shifts into stylistic overdrive in the eye-popping Juliet of the Spirits, the maestro’s follow-up to 8½, and his first feature in color.

“A mad, resplendent peacock of a film, a cinematographic riot of color and sensuality that evokes its era – the swinging mid-’60s – as much as any movie made during those giddy years.” – Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

Often described as the feminine version of , the film stars the great Giulietta Masina as Juliet, the well-off but lonely wife of neglectful husband Giorgio (Mario Pisu, ). Like Guido in , Juliet escapes from an unpleasant external reality —here, the discovery of her husband’s infidelity — by withdrawing into a rich interior world of memories, fears and dreams. Fellini’s hallucinatory feast-for-the-eyes abounds in ravishing colors and spectacular sets and costumes. Dazzling, poetic and often over-the-top, Juliet of the Spirits is propelled to new heights of Fellini-esque delirium by cinematographer Gianni di Vernanzo’s masterful use of Technicolor and the director’s unmatched ability to concoct a kaleidoscopic brew of visions, spirits and cinematic mysticism.  “The cinema is the unique and perfect tool to explore with precision the inner landscapes of the human being,” Fellini said of his intentions. “I’ve always wanted to do an extra-sensorial tale, born entirely of the imagination. This is it.” (Dir. by Federico Fellini, 1965, Italy, in Italian with English subtitles,145 mins., Not Rated)