Killjoy 3: Killjoy’s Revenge


The big top goes bananas during PSYCHO CIRCUS MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring more creepy clowns and fabulous freaks than even the

“You can’t keep a bad clown down!”    Four college kids on Spring Break are trapped inside a mirror (???) and must battle a demonic, wisecracking clown and his posse of freakshow monsters if they ever want to party again in this batty, bozo-brained horror flick.

“A horror hoot! Really delivers the dumb ‘killer clown’ fun.” – Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

In Killjoy 3: Killjoy’s Revenge (yes, this is actually a franchise, so deal with it!), the uptight demon clown Killjoy is being conjured up via a magic ceremony to exact some sort of revenge on behalf of a college professor with a mysterious agenda. But Killjoy plans to betray the professor to enact his own devilish plans for world domination, so he raises three other demon clowns to help him achieve his lofty goal: the behemoth hobo clown, Punchy; the mime who’s also a set of conjoined twins, Freakshow; and the crazy, seductive succubus, Batty Boop. Back at the professor’s house, the professor seems to be missing, but Sandy and her classmates, Erica, Rojer and Zilla are hanging out and doing some serious Spring Break partying (why are they partying at their professor’s house? Don’t ask.) when they discover a mysterious package containing a strange ornate mirror. The mirror transports the brain-dead students one-by-one into Killjoy’s demon realm, where they must try and survive the twisted trials that Killjoy has set for them, leading to much confusion, bad SFX and overall stupidity. Who will survive? Will the professor ever return to the movie? Will Killjoy and his demon posse get to make terrible clown puns forever? And most importantly, do further Killjoy sequels actually exist? (Dir. by John Lechago, 2010, USA, 76 mins., Not Rated)