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Late Night Shorts Program


General Admission: $12 | Loft Members: $10

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Jump off the edge of cinematic sanity with a crazed compendium of Late Night Shorts!

Sweat of His Cow
From the depths of someone’s lost VHS tapes is this story of an impossibly gorgeous doctor lawyer who runs out of gas next to a barn where an impossibly sweaty man is milking a cow. A sexy relationship ensues where they learn that gas is just the beginning, milk is always the end. (Dir. by John Stuart Wildman & Alan Smithee, US, English, 6 mins.)

Death Snot
Seasonal allergies drive a man to the brink of insanity. (Dir. by Charlie Schwan, US, English, 8 mins.)

Fed up with decades of suffering through the forced perfection of modern beauty standards, a tooth takes matters into its own hands. (Dir. by Jillian Corsie, US, English, 4 mins.)

Mystic Tiger
After suffering a mysterious accident, a man acquires the ability to traverse time and space. However, the unbridled use of this gift will inevitably lead him to discover the true reason behind his power. (Dir. by Marc Martínez Jordán, Spain, Spanish with English subtitles, 15 mins.)

Prom Car ‘91
Prom Night, 1991. Carrie and Don plan to have sex for the first time in the back of Don’s dad’s minivan. But when they witness a murder outside the car, their night takes a sharp turn. (Dir. by Brian Otting, US, English, 11 mins.)

El festín de las bestias
In a dystopian world, a creature attends a banquet organized by a magical refrigerator. Thus begins his unbridled descent into a spiral of consumption. Corrupted and turned into a beast, he faces a macabre end. (Dir. by Amanda Rivera, Claudia Saldivia and Simón Bucher. Spain, no dialogue, 8 mins.)

The Launch
When a ruthless tech uber-nerd is faced with pushback right before a big launch, he must find a way to hype up the team — and himself — before going onstage. (Dir. by KK Apple, US, English, 9 mins.)

Tower Theater
Sarah and her film snob employees decide to blow off their work duties at Tower Theatre to make a horror movie of their own. (Dir. by Austin Thomas Wood, US, English, 12 mins.)

1 HR 10 MIN | NR

Released 2023
Late Night Shorts Program Trailer
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