“This is a top-notch monkey horror film of the highest caliber … has a weird psychosexual element that puts it in a category all its own.” –

“An experiment in terror!” Future Oscar-nominee Elisabeth Shue, after canoodling with Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid, faces an even more terrifying opponent when she tangles with a super-intelligent, super-amorous, super-deadly orangutan named Link in this weird ‘80s thriller / worst romantic comedy ever! In Link, Shue plays Jane Chase, an innocent young American graduate student who accepts an assistant job from her oddball zoology professor (Terence Stamp, still flying high after playing General Zod in Superman II) at his remote Scottish mansion, where he studies and experiments on three brilliant apes. There are two submissive chimpanzees and a certifiably nutso orangutan named Link (referred to in the film as a chimp, even though this is clearly not the case), who develops an unnatural attraction to our spunky heroine (even spying on her in the shower, for Psycho’s sake!). As Link’s libido spirals out of control, so does the horror (not to mention the dead bodies), and Jane soon realizes it’s time to stop monkeying around and get the hell out of there! But Link, who’s clearly been watching his fair share of ‘80s John Hughes movies, knows it isn’t over until he gets his happy ending … and it’s not going to be pretty. A highly unusual shocker from Cannon Films, directed by ‘80s suspense master Richard Franklin (Road Games, Psycho II). (Dir. by Richard Franklin, 1986, UK, 103 mins., Rated R)