New Digital Restoration!

Liquid Sky


Androgynous fashion models, heroin-craving UFOs, and literally killer orgasms are just a few of the daring delights that made the neon-drenched New Wave Sci-Fi flick Liquid Sky an instant cult classic upon its release in 1982. And now, after decades of unavailability, it’s back in a dazzling new digital restoration!

“The funniest, craziest, dirtiest, most perversely beautiful science-fiction movie ever made.” – David Denby, New York Magazine

A heady mixture of high style, deadpan humor and tabloid fantasy, Russian filmmaker Slava Tsukerman’s psychedelic, one-of-a-kind ode to alien extravagance is, as New York Times film critic Vincent Canby succinctly put it, “a celebration of virtually every antisocial attitude one can think of.” A space junkie, roughly the size of a jumbo shrimp, roams the cosmos in a dish-sized UFO, searching for the perfect high – namely, heroin, or perhaps a chemical surrogate produced in the human brain during orgasm. He/she/they finds a mother lode of both substances at the downtown Manhattan rooftop apartment of Margaret, an androgynous, bisexual, David Bowie-esque fashion model who is both witness and victim to a wide variety of perverse and degrading acts. The film’s co-writer Anne Carlisle gives a legendarily offbeat performance as both Margaret and her scuzzy drug-addicted nemesis, Jimmy, playing both the female AND male leads with ferocious conviction. Spacey New Wave music, preposterous haircuts, garish costumes, kinky sex, subversive gender-bending and a loving embrace of the grungy downtown NYC scene of the early ‘80s all collide in this sci-fi mind-bender that still feels ahead of its time. (Dir. by Slava Tsukerman, 1982, USA, 102 mins., Rated R)