In this audacious, psychotropic and mesmerizing horror film, the standard formulas for demonic possession tales are turned upside down and transformed into something new and deeply frightening.

“A delirious, unusual assault on the senses, and a remarkably fresh take on the possession sub-genre of horror.” – David Kurland, Bloody Disgusting

While a confused young cabdriver, Luz (Luana Velis), enters a police station to report an incident that took place earlier that evening, another woman, Nora (Julia Riedler), seduces police psychotherapist Dr. Rossini (Jan Bluthardt) in a nightclub across town.   As the conversation and sexual tension swells, Nora shares not only her connection to Luz, but also the dark secrets of their past.   When Nora’s true identity is revealed, Luz finds herself battling a terrifying demonic entity that endangers the entire city. Shot on 16mm film with a darkly ethereal synth score, writer/director Tilman Singer’s debut feature is an intelligent and twisted genre piece that feels like a lost ‘80s horror classic, paying homage to the films of Andrzej Żuławski (Possession) and early John Carpenter (among others), while simultaneously unleashing its own distinctly surreal vision. (Dir. by Tilman Singer, 2018, Germany, in German/Spanish with English subtitles, 70 mins., Not Rated)