Mac and Me

Mac and Me


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Join us on the Satellite of Love for MONDO SCIENCE THEATER 3000 MONTH, unleashing a bevy of bad movie classics featured on everyone’s favorite TV show set in the “not too distant future” …

“One of the absolute worst. This movie is completely insane. And hilarious.” – Mundo Terrible!

“Out of this world and into your heart.” An ugly Mysterious Alien Creature (a MAC, of course) crash lands on Earth, where it befriends a lonely boy in a wheelchair and develops an unhealthy obsession with McDonald’s, guzzles soda, participates in hip hop dance-offs and generally annoys every Earthling that crosses its path in this epically awful E.T. rip-off that easily ranks as one of the worst movies ever made. Equal parts wacky, shameless and disturbing, Mac and Me provided ample ammunition for one of the most notorious and popular MST3K episodes ever. Just ask its #1 fan, Paul Rudd. (Dir. by Stewart Raffill, 1988, USA, 95 mins., Rated PG)

1 HR 35 MIN | PG

Released 1988
Mac and Me Trailer Trailer
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