Spend your summer vacation at CAMP MONDO, where the kids are kooky, the counselors are clueless and the movies are totally awesome!

“If you’re in the mood for senseless murder, horny camp counselors and axe swinging maniacs, this one really delivers the goods.”- Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

“Deep in the woods, lurks a hideous evil … don’t even whisper his name!” A wicked campfire legend becomes a nightmare of gushing gore, gratuituous nudity and overwrought acting when a psychotic farmer with an axe to grind goes on a B-movie summer camp rampage! Years ago, Madman Marz, a beefy, overall-wearing nutjob with a thing for sharp objects, violently murdered his entire family, only to escape into the woods before his execution could be completed. As legend has it, anyone in those woods who utters his name above a whisper will summon the freaky farmer back to continue his bloody rampage. Conveniently, one summer in the early ‘80s, a group of camp counselors are closing up their camp for the season, and on the final night, one of the counselors regales the others with a campfire rendition of the Madman Marz legend. When a dimwitted teen named Richie feels compelled to test the legend by screaming Madman’s name, before you know it, the hideously deformed killer is back, axe in hand, looking to finish the killing spree he started decades ago. Soon, the hot tubs, sleeping bags and pup tents at camp are piled high with dead bodies and severed heads, and it’s up to the plucky counselor Betsy (Gaylen Ross, star of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead) to send Madman Marz back to hell … if he doesn’t get her first! Highly goofy and often genuinely creepy (with a nasty killer who should have had his own horror franchise), Madman is a prime slice of early ‘80s backwoods slasher cinema. Just don’t say the title above a whisper … (Dir. by Joe Giannone, 1981, USA, 88 mins., Rated R)