Major League / A Special Tucson Birthday Screening!


In this grand slam ‘80s comedy, former showgirl Rachel Phelps inherits the Cleveland Indians baseball team from her late husband. Unfortunately, she wants to move the franchise from Cleveland to sunny Miami, and a losing season is her only ticket to Florida, as Cleveland is reluctant to let its team go. Figuring the chances for a losing season are solid given the Indian’s inability to win a pennant, Rachel decides to make doubly sure her team will hit the skids by putting together the absolute worst team possible, a team comprised of what could charitably be called “misfits.” The new players include has-been womanizer Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger), blind-as-a-bat pitcher Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Charlie Sheen), self-centered narcissist Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernsen), and Willie Mays Hayes (Wesley Snipes), who is literally incapable of hitting straight. Just to stack the deck against her freshly-minted team of rejects, Rachel decides to break their spirit by forcing them to fly from game to game in a World War II prop plane, assigning them a rickety old bus for road games, and divesting them of their precious whirlpool, among other indignities. Surely this motley crew (which attempts to sharpen its lackluster skills by traveling to beautiful Tucson, Arizona for spring training) is destined for total disaster … or is it? Maybe – just maybe – Rachel has underestimated her team of oddball underachievers, and the world of baseball could be in for a Major League surprise! (Dir. by David S. Ward, 1989, USA, 107 mins., Rated R) Digital