35mm Print!

May Fools


Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic May 1968 student revolts in Paris with a special 35mm screening of legendary French filmmaker Louis Malle’s classic, May Fools.

In the charming and politically-charged comedy/drama May Fools, from celebrated director Louis Malle (My Dinner with Andre, Atlantic City), a raucous family gathering at a country estate provides an amusing diversion from the tumultuous May 1968 student uprisings in Paris. Milou (Michel Piccoli, Belle de Jour) is an older man who has lived his whole life with his mother (Paulette Dubost, Rules of the Game) on the family’s estate, enjoying every aspect of rural life and being quite content with his own existence.

“Director Louis Malle has fashioned an entertainment rich in sly wit and intelligence.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

But the death of Milou’s mother, the family matriarch, draws the entire eccentric family to Milou’s country home, and as the clan prepares for her funeral, the squabbles over how to settle her estate begin. Even with the latest updates of the student riots in Paris coming in over the airwaves, the large family prefers to focus on their petty personal matters rather than the current political climate. As the country begins to shut down, the escalating protests leave them no choice but to venture deeper into the wilderness to escape the oncoming turmoil. Soon, thanks to a mortician’s strike, the siblings are stranded in the forest with their mother’s corpse, and they fall into various states of transgression. Malle’s slyly satirical take on the historic events of May 1968 has been described by the director himself as a “divertimento,” an appropriate description of a film that shows the pointed influences of Anton Chekhov and Jean Renoir. (Dir. by Louis Malle, 1990, France, in French with English subtitles, 107 mins., Rated R)