ME and It’s Such a Beautiful Day

Don Hertzfeldt Double Feature!

ME and It’s Such a Beautiful Day


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Don’t miss this 90-minute program featuring legendary animator Don Hertzfeldt’s new short film, ME, followed by his renowned film It’s Such a Beautiful Day, which returns to theaters for the first time since 2012!  This special double feature also includes an exclusive pre-recorded introduction by Don Hertzfeldt.

Don Hertzfeldt’s newest animated short film is a musical odyssey about trauma, technology and the retreat of humanity into itself, and has been called “soul-shaking” and “a triumph” by IndieWire. (Running time: 22 mins.)

It’s Such a Beautiful Day
Returning to theaters for the first time since 2012, It’s Such a Beautiful Day has been hailed by critics and audiences alike as one of the best animated films of all time. Originally released as three short films over the course of six years, the picture follows Bill as he tries to put together his shattered psyche, and was captured entirely in-camera on a 35mm rostrum animation stand built in the 1940s, and used by Hertzfeldt on all of his animated films since 1999. It’s Such a Beautiful Day painstakingly blends traditional hand-drawn animation and experimental optical effects with new digital hybrids, printed out one frame at time and placed under the camera.  (Running time: 62 mins.)

Don Hertzfeldt is an American independent filmmaker whose animated films have screened around the world. His work has received two Oscar nominations for Best Animated Short Film, two Sundance Film Festival Grand Prizes for Short Film, a Short Film Palme d’Or nomination at the Cannes Film Festival, and over 250 other awards.

Total program running time: 91 mins., Not Rated.

1 HR 31 MIN | NR

Released 2024
ME and It’s Such a Beautiful Day Trailer Trailer
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