Meatballs Part II


“Monumentally idiotic … a funny moron movie if you’re in the right “summer vacation” frame of mind.” – Movie Guy 24/7

“The insanity continues …” This low-rent, brain-dead sequel to the 1979 hit Meatballs finds Bill Murray long gone (shocking!) as a new bunch of campers and counselors unleash a summer of shenanigans that somehow manages to include a military takeover, a pot-smoking extra-terrestrial named Meathead and Pee-Wee Herman as the camp bus driver! Bad boy Flash (John Mengatti, sort of, kind of, filling in for the AWOL Bill Murray) is given a choice by the police – either become a counselor at Camp Sasquatch or go to reform school. Lucky for us (?), Flash chooses Camp Sasquatch. At first, Flash is resistant to camp politics, but eventually finds that Sasquatch has a lot to offer, namely a cute girl named Cheryl (’70s child star Kim Richards, of Escape to Witch Mountain fame, now all grown up), who bets some other female campers that this is the summer she’ll see her first male “thing” (or “pinky,” as the script bafflingly calls it). Meanwhile, Sasquatch’s director, Coach Giddy (Richard Mulligan), battles against the underhanded dealings of Col. Hershey and his giant sidekick, Lt. Foxglove (John Larroquette), who run Camp Patton, a neighboring military summer camp. Giddy and Hershey agree to a winner-takes-all boxing match, Giddy decides to enlist the fighting skills of Flash (who ends up wearing a dress for the big fight, for some reason), and an alien named Meathead is sent to the camp by his alien/Jewish parents. Meathead gets stoned and does some magic, while Paul Reubens (before the world knew him as Pee-Wee) drives a bus, and lots of other, even more confusing and stupid, things happen. A truly bizarre sequel that should have made summer a bummer for good, but somehow instead managed to inspire two more equally stupid Meatballs sequels. From the director of King Frat and Shock Waves. (Dir. by Ken Wiederhorn, 1984, USA, 87mins., Rated PG)