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Presented by Summit Hut. 

Summit Hut will be donating all proceeds from the event to The Jeffery G. Lowe Special Needs Trust and The Jeff Lowe Mountain Foundation.

Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia is a film about one man’s journey from the top of the world to the end of the line. Jeff helped make climbing what it is today, through technical innovation and more than a thousand first ascents, including “Metanoia” on the north face of the Eiger, where he experienced a spiritual transformation that continues to this day. Jeff’s story inspires us all, as he brings the creativity and strength that characterized his climbing career to the challenge that he faces today: his own mortality.

“I have always been “dizzy with the vision” – it’s why I am satisfied now, without climbing – I have really lived through my visions; been expanded by the process and count myself a very lucky man, still growing and learning…” – Jeff Lowe

This film explores the remarkable life and death story of Jeff Lowe. His practice of living in the present moment carries him into a future he thought he could not have. His resilience, positive attitude and love for life inspires and informs. It is what he did in climbing and continues to do now that makes this story so important to tell. Going to the brink on the Eiger or in his hospital bed, and coming back again – he defies the odds and embraces new possibilities. He is listening to the music of his soul, which becomes a symphony of light and love.

Jeff’s best climbs were: artistic, creative visions beyond the general thinking of the day, conceived in passion, born out of love. He was not motivated by any competitive desire to achieve recognition or to make a name for himself.

For nine harrowing days in the winter of 1991, Jeff Lowe pieced together a nearly impossible route up the very center of the Eiger’s North Face. This is the story behind that climb – an act of imagination – that has become legendary. Jon Krakauer photographed Jeff’s ascent for Men’s Journal. Twenty-two years later the NY Times best selling author narrates the greater, more compelling story behind that climb and what lies beneath Jeff’s high adventure lifestyle and the keys to his success in life today. Original film footage from the archives captures visionary firsts, key instructional lessons and exciting new retakes on old stories. Beautiful new aerial footage brings the film alive! (Dir. by Jim Aikman, 2014, UK, 84 mins., Not Rated)