SBS Community Classroom

Mexican Superheroes, Demons, & Idols

WEDNESDAYs from 4:00Pm-6:00pm ( – | TUITION: $135

Superheroes are not an exclusive American experience. In many places around the world, these cultural icons usually embody popular notions of justice, patriotism, solidarity, and protection. In Mexico, fantastic heroes are not new, for they have represented people’s aspirations, fears, and hopes in different times and historical contexts.  In five weeks, Professor Coronado Guel will demonstrate the connection between history, society, and wrestlers. Students will remember many of these icons by enjoying popular and mass culture fragments, such as music, film, comics, and television shows. Each 2-hour class will include viewings of clips and shorter films, lectures, some discussion, and a lot of joyful memories.

Luis E. Coronado Guel is an Adjunct Instructor of History & Director of SBS Mexico Initiatives. His research examines the cultural and intellectual history of nineteenth and twentieth-century Mexico, specifically the ways the nation-state is strengthened through patriotic celebrations, public rituals, mass media, cultural heritage, and expressions of popular culture. His first book, La Alameda Potosina ante la llegada del ferrocarril (2009, 2015) is an intellectual and cultural history on the impact the railway had in the region of San Luis Potosí. Coronado’s teaches a variety of survey, upper-level, and graduate courses in Mexico and the United States in the fields of history, law, popular culture, and cultural heritage, both in English and Spanish.

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