Mona Lisa is Missing: The True Story of the Man Who Stole the Masterpiece


“Humorous, fast-paced and entertaining.” – Loren King, Boston Globe

Mona Lisa is Missing is a documentary examining the fascinating mystery behind the theft of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum in 1911 by an unlikely thief: a humble Italian workman named Vincenzo Peruggia, who inexplicably held onto the painting for over two years before he was captured.    Intrigued by this story, filmmaker Joe Medeiros undertook a years-long odyssey to research and answer the many questions surrounding this most unusual of crimes, including how a simple Italian housepainter pulled off one of the greatest (but least-known) art heists in modern history, and if his motivations involved something more than money?   This riveting, often humorous documentary, which combines photographs, animation and interviews with Peruggia’s descendants, portrays a man struggling to find his way in the world and make his family proud.   The film also puts to rest a number of myths about Peruggia’s unthinkable theft by telling the story through the original police reports and first-hand accounts found in the French and Italian archives, as well as Peruggia’s own letters and testimony.   Named by the Huffington Post as one of the top 21 “must-see”arts and culture documentaries, this engaging true crime tale is as entertaining as it is eye-opening. (Dir. by Joe Medeiros, USA, 2012, 85 mins., Not Rated)