Monster in the Closet

monday, december 30 at 8:00pm | GENERAL ADMISSION: $4 • LOFT MEMBERS: $3

Mondo Mondays bows down to B-Movie royalty JOHN CARRADINE with a heaping helping of some of his wackiest, most “Mondo-iffic” movies!

“It’s Coming Out!” A rubbery, big-mouthed monster terrorizes the residents of San Francisco  (and their closets) in this nutty, low-budget sorta-parody of  schlocky ’50 monster movies. Can the beast be stopped, and more importantly, what will happen when it finally comes out of the closet?

Monster in the Closet is about as hokey as you can get, but you’re guaranteed to laugh, whether it’s at the terrible jokes or at the crappy production values. Highly enjoyable!” – Rely on Horror

In Monster in the Closet, after several locals are found murdered in their closets, mild-mannered San Francisco journalist Richard Clark (Donald Grant) is assigned to investigate the case.  Teaming up with scientist Dr. Diane Bennett (Denise DuBarry), and her precocious teenage son, “Professor” Bennett (played by future Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker, in his film debut), Clark tries to unravel the mystery of the so-called “Closet Monster,” which in fact, turns out to be a real monster that travels from closet to closet, murdering anyone who dares to step inside.  Will the city’s terrorized residents ever have a safe place to hang their clothes again?   This very fun creature feature spoof takes its ridiculous premise to the extreme, as the lumbering monster with the giant gaping mouth and a strange fondness for closets of all sorts (played by 7’2” actor Kevin Peter Hall, who played both the Predator and Bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons) rampages through the city, leading to a truly absurd climax where secrets are revealed, heads are removed, and all logic flies out the window.   Featuring a surprisingly stellar supporting cast, including Henry Gibson, Claude Akins, Donald Moffat, Paul Dooley, Stella Stevens and Howard Duff, not to mention the great John Carradine in a hilarious cameo role as Old Joe Shempter, Monster in the Closet must be seen to be believed.   And even then … (Dir. by Bob Dahlin, 1986, USA, 90 mins., Rated PG)