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PLUS, sing-a-long with rockin’ Cher music videos before the movie – it’s “Cher-aoke!”     

This wonderfully romantic and delightfully oddball comic gem is a bellissimo celebration of love, passion and family that won three Academy Awards and transformed Cher into one of the most fabulous leading ladies of the ‘80s!

“Intoxicating!   Moonstruck is a great big beautiful Valentine of a movie. Cher and Nicolas Cage make an irresistibly offbeat couple.” – Rita Kempley, Washington Post

In Moonstruck, Cher (in her Best Actress Oscar-winning performance), is fiercely funny as Loretta Casitorini, a widowed bookkeeper who has given up on waiting for Mr. Right and resigned herself to marrying the kind but bland (and terminally indecisive) Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello). However, when Loretta meets Johnny’s wildly passionate, one-handed brother Ronny (Nicolas Cage, expertly leaping from volcanic to vulnerable with the wiggle of an eyebrow), and he professes his undying love for her, Loretta’s dull life suddenly spirals out of control as she transforms from frumpy to ravishing thanks to the magic of movie amore. Cher and Cage, whose offbeat “opposites attract” chemistry elevates every romantic encounter into the realm of intoxication, are matched by the winning performances of Vincent Gardenia and Olympia Dukakis (winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar) as Loretta’s supportive/exasperating parents who are coping with their own challenges. Like the operas Ronny adores, Moonstruck builds steadily and skillfully to a magnificently orchestrated finale in which all the pieces magically – and hilariously – fall into place. Think you can find a better romantic comedy than this?  SNAP OUT OF IT! (Dir. by Norman Jewison, 1987, USA, 102 mins., Rated PG)