Mr. Nobody


The philosophical sci-fi/romance Mr. Nobody tells the story of Nemo (Jared Leto), the world’s oldest man. In 2092, Mars has become a trendy vacation destination and humans have achieved immortality, thanks to staggering advances in genetics. At the age of 120 years, Nemo is the last mortal left on Earth. His death is drawing near, and media from all over the world are eager to cover the event. Nemo doesn’t really remember who he is, but he manages, while under hypnosis, to recall fragmented snippets of his life. While recounting this all to a reporter, Nemo reveals his recollections of three alternate life paths, each one shaped by the consequences of specific choices he has made. In each possible life, he is in love with a different woman, with each relationship reflecting the man his choices have led him to be. As these life paths begin to intersect, with the three women entering each others’ alternate lives, the question arises: are any of these lives real or are they all figments of a dying man’s imagination – the yearning for the path not taken? This ambitious, bold and highly provocative inquiry into how even the most seemingly minor decisions can create an infinity of possibilities also stars Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger, Juno Temple, Linh-Dan Pham and Rhys Ifans. (Dir. by Jaco Van Dormael, 2009, France/Germany/Canada, 141 mins., Rated R)
Festivals: Venice, Toronto