Music City, USA with director Chris McDaniel in person


In the new documentary Music City, USA, viewers get an intimate, behind the scenes look at the music capital of the world as seen through the eyes of some of the biggest names in music. But Nashville, currently a town built on music, wasn’t always “Music City. “ Find out how this printing and insurance mecca became the music center of the world, and see how, thanks to this thriving music community, the city was reborn after a massive flood devastated the area in 2010 – a rebirth spearheaded by the artists, entertainers and musicians who put the “Music” in Music City. This new documentary illuminates what Nashville used to be, why Nashville was settled and how it grew into the rich cultural mecca it is today. Home to music superstars from ALL genres, Nashville boasts some of the greatest musicians and recording studios in the world, and in Music City, USA, legendary talents like Vince Gill, Charlie Daniels, Pam Tillis, Naomi Judd and Ricky Skaggs come together to tell us how Nashville became ground zero for modern music-making. While country music is, of course, a Nashville staple, many rock superstars like The Black Keys, The Kings of Leon, and Jack White of the White Stripes also call Nashville home, and it is this exciting blending of different musical genres, styles and personalities that makes the city so uniquely “Nashville.” Music City, USA is an inspiring, enlightening and entertaining documentary for anyone who believes in the power of music. (Dir. by Chris McDaniel, 2013, USA, 80 mins., Not Rated) Digital

About Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel is an award winning filmmaker with strong ties to the Arizona film community. He produced the acclaimed documentary Blood Into Wine featuring TOOL front man Maynard James Keenan and his transformation from full time rock star to Jerome, Arizona winemaker. McDaniel also produced the comedy Queens of Country starring Lizzy Caplan and Ron Livingston, shot in Cave Creek Arizona, due out later this year on TriBeCa Films and his current feature, Music City, USA, is his directorial debut. A chiropractor, poet and children’s book author (The Adventures of Dusty Popsallot), this Arizona filmmaker stays busy and assures us his next music-themed film is right around the corner.

Support for this film provided by Zia Records