My Best Day


At Hank’s Refrigeration one hot and sticky 4th of July afternoon, receptionist Karen unexpectedly gets a call from someone claiming to be her long-lost father. She hasn’t seen pop or her estranged sister since her parents divorced, so with her butch janitor friend Megan in tow, she rides out on a motorcycle to his trailer park hoping for an all-American family reunion. Unfortunately, instead of dear old dad, she finds her sister raging out of control with a wicked gambling problem, her father’s closeted down-and-out live-in boyfriend causing all sorts of trouble, and a strange pre-teen stepbrother who lolls about the yard in his wrestling outfit when not out romancing the town vegetarian. Meanwhile, in between janitorial gigs, Meagan must decide between the stability of her longtime girlfriend and the thrill of a new love. As this sizzling small town Independence Day heats up, Karen’s unexpected journey of comic mishaps, fizzling fireworks and poignant realizations sets in motion a wacky chain of events that will change not just her but this seemingly innocent small town and all of its quirky inhabitants forever. Filled with deadpan dialogue and some deliciously absurd situations, My Best Day is a funny and insightful look at family, identity and small town life. (Dir. by Erin Greenwell, 2012, 75 mins., Not Rated, Wolfe Releasing) Digital