My Brothers Dream Awake

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My Brothers Dream Awake


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Intelligent and thoughtful Ángel is fiercely protective of his younger, more fragile brother Franco. The two have already been incarcerated for a year at a provincial juvenile detention center. They spend their days going to class, playing soccer, talking about girls, and imagining a bright future beyond the prison walls. Although the siblings have been charged with a petty crime and have more than served time, legal complications prevent their release–until a parent or guardian claims them, they can only dream of a life outside. But everything changes when the arrival of a rebellious young man offers a possible escape. Inspired by director Claudia Hauiquimilla’s experiences working with marginalized youth, and featuring a cast that includes nonprofessional actors Iván Cáceres and César Herrera and international star Paulina García (Gloria), My Brothers Dream Awake is a moving requiem for stolen youth. (Dir. by Claudia Huaiquimilla, 2021, Chile, in Spanish with English subtitles, 85 mins., Not Rated)

Other festivals: Locarno, Chicago, Guadalajara

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