My Favorite Wife / Mother’s Day Screening!


When Hollywood legends Cary Grant and Irene Dunne take a comical crack at wedded bliss in the 1940 screwball classic My Favorite Wife, things are bound to get a little kooky! Dunne stars as Ellen, who returns home to her husband Nick (Cary Grant), and children Tim and Chinch, after being swept away at sea and marooned on a desert island for seven years. The tricky thing is, Ellen has already been declared legally dead, and Nick has taken unto himself a second wife, the nasty, ill-tempered Bianca (Gail Patrick). Upon discovering that Ellen is still alive, Nick is on the verge of a tender reunion – that is until he discovers that his “late” wife spent those seven lost years in the company of a fellow desert island survivor, the handsome Mr. Barkett (Randolph Scott). Soon, this unusual marriage-go-round is spinning merrily out of control as Nick goes from having one wife to two to none to one. The right one. What romantic comedy has joined together let no one put asunder! Grant, the silver screen’s ideal combination of romantic hunk and comedy goofball, brilliantly plays the flabbergasted fool, while the radiant Dunne giddily portrays a woman determined to reclaim her former life, no matter how ludicrous things might get. A sparkling example of Golden Age comedy at its very best, My Favorite Wife was remade in 1963 as Move Over Darling, with Doris Day and James Garner. (Dir. by Carson Kanin, 1940, USA, 88 mins., Not Rated) Digital