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Napoleon Dynamite


Part of Loft Staff Selects, a monthly series showcasing film favorites chosen by our amazing Loft Cinema staff! This month’s film was chosen by A.J. SIMON, Assistant Manager!

“Director Jared Hess and his terrific cast – Jon Heder is geek perfection – make their own kind of deadpan hilarity.   You’ll laugh till it hurts. Sweet.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Napoleon Dynamite, everyone’s favorite Idaho-based coming-of-age comedy, has only gotten better – and funnier – with time. In fact, it’s still pretty flippin’ sweet. The directorial debut of filmmaker/screenwriter Jared Hess, Napoleon Dynamite follows the offbeat adventures of a new kind of hero, complete with a tight orange ‘fro, sweet moon boots, and skills (nunchaku skills, bow-hunting skills, computer-hacking skills, you name it …) that can’t be topped. Livin’ life in the small Idaho town of Preston, the teenage Napoleon (Jon Heder) spends his days drawing mythical beasts, duking it out with his brother Kip, hanging with his llama-loving grandma, and avoiding his scheming Uncle Rico. When two new friends enter Napoleon’s life – shy Deb and mustachioed Pedro – the trio launches a non-traditional campaign to elect Pedro for high school class president and make the student body’s wildest dreams come true. But if Pedro is going to beat the stuck-up popular girl, Summer, Napoleon will have to unleash his secret weapon, which just might involve some sick Jamiroqui dance moves. And hopefully, tater tots. (Dir. by Jared Hess, 2004, USA, 96 mins., Rated PG)