Native Eyes Film Showcase with Gary Farmer!


California Indian
Film starts at 6:15pm | In Person: Writer/Director Tim Ramos and star Gary Farmer

Nick Thomas (Tim Ramos), a Pomo Indian and a successful Los Angeles radio host, is forced back to the reservation to help his brother Chi (Gil Birmingham), and tribal leader Rich Knight (Gary Farmer, Smoke Signals) lead the Tule Lake Rancheria out of danger from a seedy casino investor (Mark Boone Jr.), ultimately claiming sovereignty of their Native American rights. The struggles inherent on reservations today are depicted in this day-in-the-life drama based on true characters and events. (Dir. by Tim Ramos, produced by Chris Eyre, 90 mins., Rated R)

Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers
Music starts at 9:00pm

Direct from Santa Fe, Native blues that will make you dance! Join the band for a lively set between films.

Dead Man
Film starts at 10:30pm | Film Introduction by Gary Farmer

On the run after murdering a man, accountant William Blake (Johnny Depp) encounters a strange Indian named “Nobody” (Gary Farmer) who prepares him for his journey into the spiritual world. (Dir. by Jim Jarmusch, 121 mins., Rated R)