Free Admission! This screening will take place at The University of Arizona Poetry Center

New York International Children’s Film Festival Best of the Festival Short Films


This screening will take place outdoors in the breezeway at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, 1508 E Helen St

Recommended for Ages 8 to Adult

Cats can claw up a whole lot of trouble in One Hell of a Plan, Air-Mail, and Minoule. Fables come to life in very different ways in My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree and The Man, The Boy and the Donkey. A playing field typically reserved for sports becomes an area for unexpected courtship in Change-Over and Two Left Feet. We meet William and his pet scorpion in By the Name of Boston. Accidents, Blunders and Calamities and Two Friends teach creatures of all shapes and sizes that danger can come when you least expect it, but Lilou proves that there’s often more than meets the surface about those who frighten us. Award-winning filmmaker Ainslie Henderson gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of some magical puppets in Stems, and Slaves of the Rave proves that there’s just as much performance in the audience as there tends to be on stage.

One Hell of a Plan
Mo and Carl are two hapless burglars with one great plan. It involves a special potion, countless cats, a little old lady, and plenty of opportunities for disaster. (Dir. by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol, 2016, France, In French with English Subtitles, 6 mins.)

One determined cat goes to great lengths for a tasty canary. (Dir. by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, 2014, France, No dialogue, 4 mins.)

By the Name of Boston
William Boston lives in the desert and doesn’t care for many things, though he does have one friend, a scorpion named Chester. (Dir. by Grant Kolton, 2015, USA, 3 mins.)

Two Left Feet
Mirko loves soccer, but when it comes to the cute girl he spots nearby, does he have game? (Dir. by Isabella Salvetti, 2015, Italy, In Italian with English Subtitles, 6 mins.)

My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree
A young boy realizes that his beloved cherry tree has provided his family with more than just fruit. (Dir. by Olga Poliektova and Tatiana Poliektova, 2015, Russia, In English, 13 mins.)

Twp Friends
Even best friends can have trouble understanding each other when they are from two different worlds. (Dir. by Natalie Chernysheva, 2014, Russia/France, No Dialogue, 4 mins.)

The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey
Once upon a time, there was a family selling donkeys. One day, the son said, “It is a waste of time if we don’t ride the donkeys.” (Dir. by Atsushi Wada, 2014, Japan, In Japanese with English Subtitles, 3 mins.)

A young woman lives alone with her cunning cat, secretly in love with the boxer next door. Thanks to her cat’s adventures, she gets closer to contact with her crush. (Dir. by Isabelle Favez, 2015, Switzerland/France, No Dialogue, 6 mins.)

A young bird engages in a surprising courtship…on a badminton court. (Dir. by Mehdi Alibeygi, 2014, Iran, No Dialogue, 2 mins.)

Accidents, Blunders, and Calamities
A father possum reads his kids the spooky story of the most dangerous animal of all: HUMANS! (Dir. by James Cunningham, 2015, New Zealand, In English, 5 mins.)

Slaves of the Rave
Whether it’s a rock concert, an opera, a jazz performance, or an electronic show, we’re all just slaves to the rave! (Dir. by William Garratt, 2014, UK, No Dialogue, 3 mins.)

2012 Festival Grand Prize winner Ainslie Henderson (I Am Tom Moody) shares his eulogy for the short life span of stop motion animation puppets. (Dir. by Ainslie Henderson, 2015, UK, In English, 2 mins.)

Lilou, shy and curious, has rare insight into other people’s pasts. When she crosses paths with a strange man, she experiences an unexpected resolution. (Dir. by Rawan Rahim, 2014, Lebanon/France, No Dialogue, 8 mins.)

PLUS, we’ll be screening Tucson native Timothy Reckart’s Oscar-nominated short film Head Over Heels
Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, the couple must face their equilibrium. (Dir. by Timothy Reckart, 2012, USA, No Dialogue, 8 mins.)