Night of the Bloody Apes


“Easily one of the best Mexican-Wrestler- Ape-based monster movies ever … good for lots of unintentional laughs.” – That Was a Bit Mental

“They rip, they claw, they tear you to pieces!” A lust-crazed monkey man is looking for love in all the wrong places (including the wrestling arena) in this ultra-insane, ultra-gory late-‘60s Mexican shocker! Informed that his son Julio will die of heart disease, Dr. Krellman does what any good mad doctor would do: he gives Julio the heart of a gorilla. Oops. Somehow the frail young man turns into a “horrible half beast, half man” with a muscleman’s body and a monkey’s face (sort of), embarking on a hilarious frenzy of over-the-top gore and gratuitous nudity as he chases women and mutilates men. Daddy then surgically swaps Julio’s simian heart with one taken from, yes, a female wrestler. Double oops. With eye-popping footage of an open-heart surgery and periodic wallowing in women’s wrestling, Night of the Bloody Apes is a cockamamie cult creation so berserk it cannot be denied. From the demented director of Santa Claus and Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy! (Dir. by Rene Cardona, 1969, Mexico, badly dubbed in English, 81 mins., Rated R)