Night of the Demons


“Angela is having a party, Jason and Freddy are too scared to come. But YOU’LL have a hell of a time.”

It’s Halloween – the perfect time to throw an awesome party, turn into a smelly demon from hell and play “bobbing for eyeballs” with the gooey remains of your horny, over-aged teenage friends. At least that’s what Angela, the heroine of Night of the Demons, thinks, and who would want to argue with a high school prom queen with fangs and a spiked tail? This campy, gory “possessed teen” horror flick, filled with big hair, big breasts and big scares (well, maybe big-ish scares), is really what the ’80s were all about, and it’s all set on Halloween, so what’s not to like?
Kooky Angela is throwing a Halloween party, but this is no ordinary spook bash. Everybody’s headed to Hull House, a deserted funeral home with a shocking secret in its past and something evil alive in its basement. As the party games begin, the guests start to notice they’re becoming possessed by nasty spirits, and this party’s treats include tongue ripping, eyeball gouging, gratuitous nudity, bloody dismemberment and, in the film’s most infamous (and inexplicable) scene, a tube of lipstick being shoved directly through someone’s breast. Who will be left alive in the morning to clean up all the exposed intestines and mini-Snickers wrappers? Filled with plenty o’ references to others ’80s horror flicks (including more than a few nods to Raimi’s Evil Dead), some cool ghoul effects by SFX artist Steve Johnson (who also gave the world the horny alien of Species) and an entertaining gallery of dumb and/or nubile victims (like Scream Queen Linnea Quigley, resplendently sleazy in her weird pink poodle skirt and ZZ-Top high heels and ankle socks), Night of the Demons is the perfect treat for your Halloween viewing pleasure.