Night of the Kickfighters


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Holy Bad Movie! Mondo Mondays is paying tribute to TV’s original Batman, ADAM WEST, and you can bet things are going to get pretty batty!

“Kickfighting Like You’ve Never Seen Before!” When a weird millionaire played by Adam “Batman” West has his daughter kidnapped by a horde of mullet-haired terrorists who want to trade her in for his incredibly awesome new laser weapon (why not?), he apparently has no choice but to call Bret Cady (played by alleged “World Karate Kickboxing Champion” Andy Bauman), a bargain basement James Bond and “kickfighting” enthusiast who spends most of his time doing Tai-Chi in his underwear on a bearskin rug.

“Startlingly, memorably awful … filled with campy action and Grade Z production values.” – Monster Hunter

What follows is a cocktail of sheer bad movie insanity as Cady assembles a scraggly team of misfits (including a magician and a hairy dude named “Bomber”) to become his own personal kickfighting strike force that will help him rescue the girl, take down the bad guys, blow a bunch of stuff up, deploy a lot of dumb weapons (like nunchucks that shoot bullets!) and yes, kick the crap out of everything and everyone.   A truly tacky spectacle led by a not-so heroic action hero who just seems like he’d rather be napping, and featuring such rare sights as Carel Struycken (aka “The Giant” from Twin Peaks) pretending to kung-fu fight, Night of the Kickboxers is a real kick in the head. Filmed in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! (Dir. by Buddy Reyes, 1987, USA, 97 mins., Not Rated)