Night of the Lepus

Free Outdoor Screening in Sonoita!

Night of the Lepus


Free Admission

Free Outdoor Screening in Sonoita!

This FREE SCREENING will be held outdoors in SONOITA, ARIZONA at The Empire Ranch, E. Empire Ranch Rd., Sonoita, AZ, 85637. Please bring your own seating. 
See giant bunny rabbits terrorize Southern Arizona at this outdoor screening of the 1972 B-movie classic, Night of the Lepus, starring Stuart Whitman and Janet Leigh, right where it was filmed at Empire Ranch in Sonoita, Arizona!

A hopping herd of giant, bloodthirsty bunny rabbits terrorize the Arizona desert in this campy 1972 animals-gone-wild shocker! In Night of the Lepus, a scientist couple (played by Stuart Whitman and Psycho-star Janet Leigh) try to put the brakes on an epidemic of massive bunny herds that have been eating all the crops of local ranchers. However, their “weird science” hormone experiments don’t seem to be working.  But when their young daughter accidentally lets one of the test rabbits escape, the hormones kick in. This drug-addled bunny naturally starts mating like crazy, grows to mammoth proportions, and before you can say “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” an angry family of monster rabbits are wreaking bloody havoc on the residents of a small desert town.  Eventually the National Guard is called in to keep the creepy critters at bay, but is Arizona doomed to become a rabbit-ravaged wasteland?  Also starring Rory Calhoun and Star Trek’s own DeForest Kelley, Night of the Lepus is a hilarious horror hoot that must be seen to be believed! (Dir. by William F. Claxton, 1972, USA, 88 mins., Rated PG)

This screening is part of Loft Film Fest on the Road, made possible by a grant from National Endowment for the Arts with support from Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment.

1 HR 28 MIN | PG

Released 1972
Night of the Lepus Trailer Trailer
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