Night Train to Terror

Night Train to Terror


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It’s getting hotter than hell during MY SUMMER WITH SATAN Month at Mondo Mondays, featuring a devilishly delightful line-up of demonic trash guaranteed to make your head spin!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride straight to Bad Movie Hell when the mind-boggling ‘80s horror anthology flick Night Train to Terror leaves the station for a one-way ride into absurdity! Aboard a fast moving train bound for Hell, God and Satan (in the guise of two senior citizens) decide the fate of three unfortunate mortals. Each person’s story unfolds on a magic screen. Within, we’re treated to a trio of trashy tales of terror featuring Richard Moll (“Bull” from Night Court), a giant Claymation tarantula demon, a 15 lb. bee, satanic occultism, organ harvesting, gory slayings, unpleasant nudity and Cameron Mitchell, among other delights. While God and Satan continue their discussion about who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell, a perky pop rock band in eye-searing ‘80s aerobics gear periodically pops up to flail about and perform an inane (but hellishly catchy) disco/synth song-and-dance number called “Everybody But You,” for no good reason, unaware that the train they’re on is heading into Purgatory. To make matters even more confusing, each of the three horror segments on display was shortened from a full-length feature – one of which was never completed – and then randomly edited together for maximum narrative chaos. Hilariously wonky garbage that gives viewers three bad movies (plus a terrible music video and two old men arguing) for the price of one, Night Train to Terror flies off the rails in all the right directions. (Dir. by Jay Schlossberg-Cohen, 1985, USA, 98mins., Rated R)

1 HR 38 MIN | R

Released 1985
Night Train to Terror Trailer Trailer
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